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Get A Bikini On & Go To A Waterfall

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hey Curvette's,
I can't believe this summer marks the first time that I have worn or even thought about wearing swimwear in over 20 years. Perhaps like many of you, my past holds a number of untold body image issue stories. I must admit I hated the idea of putting on something that didn't leave much to the imagination. Then I thought to myself, how could I talk to my lovely followers about body confidence and not hold myself to the same standard. After doing several posts on swimwear since summer began, I had to do some soul searching and it was time to "PUT UP OR SHUT UP". Don't get me wrong, I'm comfortable in the skin I'm in, but I had to let my emotional childhood trauma go.  

My first bathing suit trauma happened when I was around 10 years old at a local beach while having family time with my cousins, who were all about the same age as me. I remember wearing a black one piece bathing suit with neon colors all over it. I love wearing bright colors  so the swim suit was one of my favs. After a while I notice people pointing, talking etc... and I could so tell it was about me. See During the early developmental stages of my life, I blossomed earlier than your average teenager. More than often, people made me feel like I should be ashamed of the way my body looked, even though I couldn't help the way I developed. When I realized my body did not look anything like my cousins, it was to much for me to handle and I vowed never to wear a swimsuit again.

For years, I never even thought about looking at any sort of swim wear. I was the girl at the beach/pool party who wore the cute dress that never got wet (maybe just my feet) LOL. This summer that issue had to be laid to rest so I decided to go hard by booking a photo shoot and purchasing a Monif C bikini or as we call it in the plus size world a "FATKINI". I had to say to my former self " DAMN WHAT PEOPLE THINK......I WEAR WHAT I WANT!"

And then it came, so I guess its time to put up or shut up!

OMG, after a 10 minute hike through the woods to the waterfall, I can't believe my photographers had me in this cold water and I think something is touching me (wild life)! LOL 

Self Love can put a smile on your face

My fatkini says my body is mine, and I don’t want to hide it ever again. It reminds me that I am entitled to the delicious heat of the sun on my skin and the delighted excitement I feel when cold water touches my skin. - Virgie Tovar

I wear this fatkini in the name of my former self and in the name of all the people who feel they must hide, who feel they aren’t entitled to wear what they want, who live in a shame that they were taught. - Virgie Tovar

I call this one my Victoria Secret Swimsuit Issue shot

It's a wrap, I Came I Saw I Conquered!

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MUA Jessica Marie Beauty

Photo Credit: Jazzy Studios for ThePhatshionPeacock.com
Quotes from Author Virgie Tovar


Unknown said...

WOW Mel!! You look great!!! I am soooo glad you let go of your inhibitions and went out there in that cold water (wild life and all) and rocked this shoot. I must take this hike as well, with my wonderful photographers and of course my favorite stylist/blogger.

TruTru said...

Yes, yes and yes! Girl own it and rock it. I love your bikini.

Unknown said...

You look beautiful! Go lady!

Unknown said...

Thank you ladies!

Jessica said...

I love the colors! Beautiful!

The Squash Lady said...

I've just bought my first "fatkini" and am trying to work up the courage (and wait for the appropriate weather, haha) to wear it. Thank you so much for the inspiration. You are so beautiful!!