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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hey Peacocks,
Did you miss? I haven't blogged lately as much as I would have liked to. I was on bed rest due to my breast reduction surgery that I had to have. I am still going through my healing process, but my doctor has released me to start my normal activities again, YAY!!! Thank God, because I hated bed rest. Since I'm over that hump my new journey begins to live a healthier lifestyle and to get a better BUTT . After the breast reduction I knew I would have to loose weight to even out my body proportions and a healthier lifestyle is the only way I am going to achieve that. While on bed rest I began researching workout plans and low carbs recipes videos on Instagram. That's when I discovered Wayne @iamnextlevel, a trainer who motivates his followers daily, with different posts that includes workouts and meal prep ideas that he uses to help his clients loose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. I followed him for my daily fitness fix-yes all while on bed rest . Nevertheless, I decided as soon as I was well enough to get fit I was going to contact him.


The big day finally came when my doctor said those magical words "TIME TO GET ACTIVE". Lucky for me, Wayne and his wife Dr. Tara were offering a free trial bootcamp to kick-off their Nextlevel summer classes. I was so pumped to get out of the house that I woke up extra early to call my BFF to make her attend bootcamp with me. I don't know about you guys, but to me everything seems better with your BFF by your side, especially my crazy one! We were both exited or should I say I was excited- not so much her, but I will take support over excitement any day. The closer we got to bootcamp we both got nervous, so of course we developed a great escape plan if bootcamp became like reality TV where the trainer is yelling and cursing you out, we weren't having that. To our surprise, the Nextlevel bootcamp was nothing like that it was fun and refreshing. We even received certificates for completing bootcamp. The Nextlevel team was very professional and good spirited people. Some things are just meant to be, and after that day I knew that I had found my personal trainer.

My BFF Cheri, Wayne and Me after bootcamp!
A couple of days later I received a call from Wayne challenging me to 60 days of fitness, or as he calls it transformation. During that time he would be my health coach/trainer to help me along the way. Of course I couldn't pass it up. I believe this was Gods way of making me stick to my plan. Wayne is a very nice trainer but he is about business, so I know he will hold me accountable for my action. With the Nextlevel teams help it no doubt in my mind that I will be successful.

Before Unedited Photos were taken by Jazzy Studios on 05/17/2014
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 286
Dress size: 20

This weight loss journey is all about discovery. I must promise myself that if I start to get discouraged by the numbers on the scale, that I will keep being the focused, determined, head strong Leo that will help me push pass the lack of motivation. We have to remember "Opportunity knocks only once,but temptation leans on the doorbell"- unknown. My doorbell has been ringing off the hook! Wish me luck Peacocks, I can't wait to unveil the curvier me. #Proud2befit #Thickandfit #Peacockfitness

Get The Look:
Make-up by: Jessica Marie MUA
Sneakers: Saucony Oasis
Bracelet: Nike Fuel Band

Wayne is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Nextlevel Training and Wellness.
With 12 years of Experience in Health and Fitness, he hold certifications in fitness , TRX massage and sports specific training.  The Mission of Nextlevel training and wellness is to motivate, inspire and support our community to live a healthier lifestyle. They provide services in Corporate Wellness,  personal / Group training as well as nutrition consulting and presentations. Nextlevel also has a running organizations with over 120 members in 7 states.

Find out more about my trainer Wayne at I Am Next Level Training & Wellness
Purchase Herbalife
IG: @iamnextlevel

Dr.Tara (Wayne's lovely wife) is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Sage Wellness Group, LLC, along McBride Stories, is pleased to debut her first children's book, "Let's Talk About It". The collection of five short stories will help parents, caregivers, and educators talk with children about the following topic:
*Mindfulness Meditation
*Peer Pressure 
*Feeling Shy
"Let's Talk About It" is available for purchase from Amazon and directly from the publisher, McBride Stories www.mcbridestories.com


Tarin said...

Go! Melin! The pictures are beautiful can't wait to see the transformation

Unknown said...

I'm so proud of you Sis. I know how much of an accomplishment this is for you. Love you and I'm here to support you in every way.