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High Heel Confidence

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hey Peacocks,
Some many of you often ask me where to find fashionable shoe in a size 10 and up, I have to be honest ladies I only wear an 8 to 8 1/2, so I had to do some search and boy it was hard ( I totally feel for you girls) but I was determined to find some haute shoe for my readers/model friends. After hours, days, and weeks of research I finally came across Ms. Jewel High on IG. Jewel T. High is owner and creative director of the Jewel High Collection. From her IG pages, this lady is taking the fashion industry by storm with her footwear. The Jewel High Collection provides luxury footwear for women shoe sizes 6 to 15. Jewel values craftsmanship, high quality, extreme comfort, and uniqueness (That means no more size 12 granny shoes with a 3 inch heel). Each fashion forward pair of shoes are handcrafted with a lambskin upper, 100% leather sole and "The Jewel High Collection" signature orange lining. For now the company only offers two style shoes but there is more to come in Spring 2014, which will consist of 12 extraordinary designs. Until then please support this young lady so she can keep designing shoes for the forgotten feet!


(My fav)

CEO Jewel High

Photo Credit: JewelHigh.com


Unknown said...

I love finding options for fashion forward shoes brands as I wear a larger size and I'm always looking for cute options! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! Can't wait to see what comes in 2014.

Unknown said...

These shoes are so cute!! I don't wear 10 and up but I just thought I had to say something.